Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Carpet is here!

After a week off for the holidays the carpet layer is here installing as I write this. I'm so excited!! It's the beginning of the final countdown to getting everthing in there. Of course, (ug) moving and arranging everything is next. I have "moved" everything in a thousand times in my dreams, just without the sore muscles and bruises. I also dreamed that the carpet ended up being a horrible orange color. Which it is a "rust" color so I wasn't far off on my worries. But it will look fine once everything else is in there.
I have been working on sending out some letters. In case you don't get one, I just want to extend the offer here. Any sessions booked and paid between now and January 31st will be HALF OFF!! You can schedule your session anytime between now and April of 2009.
I'll post the letter in the next post. Now I need to go out and bug them.


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